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What is "Cash Out"? 2 Cash-out strategies to help you win big

What is "Cash Out"? Nowadays, bookmakers offer an increasing number of betting odds for football matches, with cashing out being the most intriguing form for betting enthusiasts. In this article, Wintips will provide you with all the information top soccer tips about this form and the most effective cash-out methods.

What is Cash Out?

What is Cash Out? It is understood as placing a bet opposite to one's previously placed bet. If a player perceives a low or no chance of winning in the match, they can choose this form to continue betting on another betting platform.

Currently, players can choose to cash out in any situation, whether winning or losing.

Cashing out while still ahead

Bookmakers will offer players their odds to cash out if they believe that person has a high chance of winning. At this point, they will buy back the amount of the player's bet at a rate of 70-90% of their initial bet. Sometimes it equals the amount of the bet. If a player wins, the odds are only counted when the bet is placed.

Why would a player choose to cash out when they have a high chance of winning?

This can happen when players feel like the match situation has changed or for various other reasons. Whatever the reason, bookmakers still allow players to cash out, and of course, they must adhere to the rules set to withdraw their bets.

Cashing out when at a disadvantage

If players feel they are likely to lose, the best way to recover their initial amount is to cash out. We advise players to use this method if the match deviates from their initial expectations. Similarly, when winning, if players predict correctly, the amount received will be calculated based on the cash-out ratio (this is the part of the money that players cannot or cannot withdraw).

Those in a losing position are also required to withdraw their remaining amount. Bookmakers provide this service, usually with a large number of members, so it is highly favored.

Should you cash out?

After understanding what cashing out is, many players often ask: "Should I cash out?" There is no absolute answer to this question. Because cashing out sports bets will have its own advantages and disadvantages depending on each bettor's situation.


More proactive in managing one's betting money.

Avoid unfortunate risks when the match reaches its conclusion.

Receive a sum of money back and from there can continue to choose and place other betting matches.


The profit received may not be as much as the capital initially invested.

In cases where bets are placed in a losing position, players will lose more money than the initial deposit.

Dumping Formula

Standard Dumping Formula

To effectively dump bets, you need betting tips 1x2 app to calculate to control and minimize risks for yourself. Especially, betting enthusiasts need to know the most accurate dumping formulas. When is the appropriate time for you to dump bets?

The standard formula is as follows: ((Initial odds/Opening odds) x Initial bet rate) - Initial bet price.

Partial Dumping Formula

In addition to the standard dumping formula, you can explore the feature of partial dumping. What is partial dumping? It means we only keep a portion of the bet money to minimize losses. The remaining amount is placed to await luck, if we win, we will get bonuses and offset the lost money when dumping the bet, then there will be profits. But if we lose, there is also no significant loss.

The formula for calculating partial dumping is as follows: ((Initial odds/Final odds) x Desired withdrawal amount) - Desired withdrawal amount.

How to Dump Bets Most Effectively?

What is partial dumping? Due to the nature of regular betting, the over and under bets will change constantly over time. Therefore, placing under and over bets may bring a more favorable dumping situation for you. Players should choose matches to place under or over bets.

While any bet from the bookmaker has a certain advantage, dumping bets to secure victory will bring a sense of security to the players. For bets that are more advantageous, players should reduce the amount of money or some bets from the bookmaker to secure half of the amount they bet.

Considerations When Dumping Bets

Carefully analyze your win/loss odds when betting.

Think carefully before deciding to bet, do not miss the opportunity to win.

When participating in betting, you should patiently observe your performance in the game.

The rules and odds of different bookmakers are not the same.

Seize golden opportunities and stop betting.

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Above are all the information about what dumping bets is and some notes to help you dump bets most effectively. Objectively speaking, this will bring more benefits to the bookmakers. However, if you know how to dump effectively, it will help you keep the bet money when you are at a disadvantage. We hope the above information will help you with your dumping. For any questions, please contact Wintips to get answers from our experienced team.


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