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Abdomax Reviews – Real Weight Loss Supplement Or Fake Gut Health Formula?

Hi Guy my name is Thomas and is this Abdomax Review you will discover everything you need to know before you decide to make your purchase.

Abdomax is the world’s first 100% natural solution to fix the root cause of bad gut health.

By taking two capsules of the all natural formula daily, you can purportedly target low pepsinogen levels that are causing your gut health problems.

Does Abdomax live up to the hype? How does Abdomax work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the new gut health and digestion supplement.

What is Abdomax?

Abdomax is a digestive health supplement designed to target the root cause of bloating, nausea, IBS, acid reflux, and other issues.

According to the makers of Abdomax, many digestive health conditions are linked to low pepsinogen levels.

When your pepsinogen levels are low, your gut struggles to digest the food you eat. Even if you’re eating right and exercising, low pepsinogen levels can lead to painful and uncomfortable digestive systems.

Abdomax is designed to solve this problem by supporting pepsinogen production as part of an 8-second Nordic cleanse. That cleanse can eliminate gut issues by targeting the root cause. In fact, the makers of Abdomax claim over 82,900+ people have already used Abdomax to date, making it one of the world’s bestselling gut health supplements.

Abdomax is exclusively solve through, where it’s priced at $49 per bottle as part of a 2023 discount. The ordinary retail price of Abdomax is $199 per bottle.

How Does Abdomax Work?

According to the makers of Abdomax, the supplement is 287% more effective at healing and protecting your gut and digestion than any diet or exercise supplements on the planet.

You could take all of the gut-friendly foods and supplements you like. However, Abdomax has virtually triple the effectiveness of these options, according to the manufacturer.

To achieve this remarkable feat, each bottle of Abdomax contains a proprietary formula backed by thousands of studies around the world. Studies show each of the ingredients in Abdomax activates pepsinogen or supports digestive health in a unique way.

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How to Take Abdomax

The makers of Abdomax tested their formula in 300 different ways to verify the optimal delivery system, time of day, dosage, and concentration.

Based on these 300 tests, the best way to take Abdomax is to follow these recommendations:

Take 1 to 2 capsules of Abdomax every morning with a meal

By taking Abdomax in the morning with a meal, you give your body the entire day to absorb the ingredients. Your body can absorb the ingredients, then repair your gut throughout the day, leading to long-term protection.

The longer you take Abdomax, the better the effect on gut health, according to the manufacturer. That’s why the manufacturer recommends taking 3 or 5 bottles of Abdomax.

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What’s Inside Abdomax?

Abdomax contains a blend of 100% all natural ingredients to support gut health and digestion. The nine handpicked ingredients in Abdomax come from around the world and are designed to target low pepsinogen levels to support good digestion.

Here are all of the active ingredients in Abdomax, the science behind those ingredients, and how they work:

Glucomannan Root: Glucomannan root is a popular detox and cleansing supplement ingredient, and it’s one of the most popular fiber sources in the supplement space today. According to the makers of Abdomax, glucomannan can help lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar levels, and raise pepsinogen levels. Because low pepsinogen is the root cause of digestive health problems, glucomannan root can help.

Psyllium Husk: Psyllium husk works in a similar way to glucomannan by acting as a natural source of fiber. Psyllium husk, found in many people fiber supplements, can raise pepsinogen levels, lower cholesterol, and relieve constipation and diarrhea, among other benefits. One 2019 study found psyllium husk, which is one of the largest ingredients in Abdomax by weight, supported better intestinal microbiota balance compared to a group taking a placebo.

Apple Pectin: Apple pectin is yet another source of fiber found in Abdomax. Apple pectin plays a critical role in the digestive process by pushing waste out of your body. Like other sources of fiber, apple pectin can form a gel in your digestive tract, helping to cleanse waste from your body. Apple pectin, according to the makers of Abdomax, also raises pepsinogen levels, promotes healthy digestion, and specifically reduces symptoms of acid reflux.

Bentonite Clay: Bentonite clay has been used for centuries for detoxification, cleansing, and general health and wellness. Today, many people take bentonite clay regularly for overall health and wellness. The makers of Abdomax specifically added bentonite clay to their formula for its ability to convert digestive enzymes into pepsinogen, helping to raise overall pepsinogen levels in the body and support good digestion. Bentonite clay could also help with hair health, skin health, fat burning, and belly fat, among other targeted areas.

Flaxseed: Abdomax contains flaxseed, a natural ingredient linked to cardiovascular health. The makers of Abdomax claim the flaxseed in the formal will lower blood pressure. Lowering blood pressure can reduce your risk of cardiovascular health problems.

Oat Bran: Oat bran has a long history of use as a natural source of fiber, and many people take oat bran as a food or supplement daily for that reason. Oat bran can increase the time it takes your body to absorb meals, which can reduce the post-meal blood sugar spike. By taking oat bran daily, you could support healthy blood sugar levels and reduce wild blood sugar swings. A 2018 study found oat bran was connected to nutrient digestibility, anti-inflammatory effects in the gut, and overall intestinal microbiota levels. The study took place in pigs – not humans. However, it showed oat bran could impact gut health over a 28-day period in various ways.

Plum: Plum, also labeled as prune in some supplements, is a natural laxative linked to cleansing, detoxification, and digestion. Some recommend taking prune or plum when you’re struggling to cleanse your body or stay regular. The makers of Abdomax claim plum can also promote strong bones, protect against heart disease, and raise pepsinogen levels, among other effects.

Black Walnut Hull: Black walnut hull is known for its natural cleansing effects, and some people take black walnut hull daily as part of a cleanse. In a 2018 study, researchers at the University of Illinois found walnuts helped to support trillions of microbes in your gastrointestinal tract, supporting your gut’s good bacteria while helping to defend it against bad bacteria.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera, like plum or prune, is also linked to natural laxative effects. Studies show aloe vera can help encourage your body’s natural digestive processes. The laxative effects are mild. However, when combined with other ingredients in Abdomax – like fiber and prune – aloe vera could help your body reduce waste and cleanse itself. Aloe vera also has unique secondary effects. According to the manufacturer, aloe vera will reduce dental plaque and increase pepsinogen production.

Abdomax is a 100% plant-based, soy-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, non-GMO formula. It’s made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified, regularly-inspected facility.

What is Pepsinogen?

Abdomax works because it targets low pepsinogen levels. According to new research cited by the makers of Abdomax, low pepsinogen levels are the root cause of common digestive health concerns – like bloating, nausea, and indigestion.

Specifically, pepsinogen is a digestive enzyme secreted by your gastric chief cells. Your gastric chief cells secrete pepsinogen as a proenzyme. Then, your body converts that pepsinogen into pepsin, an active digestive enzyme. As you eat, pepsin goes to work to support good digestion, break down food, and help with digestive health.

In fact, the makers of Abdomax claim pepsinogen is “one of the most important molecules” produced in your entire body because of its role in processes like:

  • Breaking down food

  • Turning digested food into waste before passing it out of your body

  • Keeping your colon lubricated and healthy

  • Protecting your small intestines from bad bacteria

  • Promoting good bacteria in your gut

Because of these effects, strong pepsinogen levels are associated with strong digestion.

As proof, the makers of Abdomax cite one study where people with normal digestion had 400% more activated pepsinogen than people with bad digestion. Participants in the study had similar physiological health overall, yet their different pepsinogen levels led to different digestive outcomes.

By taking Abdomax daily, you can promote good pepsinogen levels using a blend of natural ingredients.

What is the 8-Second Nordic Cleanse?

The makers of Abdomax advertise the supplement as part of an 8-second Nordic cleanse. Backed by centuries of use in traditional northern European medicine, that cleanse could help restore gut health and defend your body against indigestion.

Some of the ingredients in Abdomax trace their roots to the Nordic countries and other parts of northern Europe.

Plums, for example, have a long history of use as natural laxatives in traditional medicine. Originally from China, they were brought to parts of Europe by early travelers. Today, they grow around the world. Dried plums are known as prunes. Archaeologists have found plums and prunes in Neolithic age sites dating to 10,000 BCE, suggesting humans have used plums and prunes as traditional medicine or food for thousands of years.

Some ancient peoples used types of clay or mud for cleansing. Bentonite clay is named after the town of Benton, Wyoming, which has the largest deposits of the clay. However, other types of clay trace their roots to Nordic cleansing rituals.

Flaxseed has also been a popular functional food for centuries. It grows naturally in deep, moist soils rich in sand, silt, and clay – including some of the river deltas and agricultural zones of northern Europe and certain Nordic countries.

Overall, Abdomax traces its roots back to the Nordic countries, northern Europe, and traditional medicine used around the world. Backed by centuries of use in food and traditional medicine, Abdomax’s active ingredients could continue to support digestion today.

Is Abdomax Legit? Abdomax Reviews & Testimonials

Abdomax is backed by strong reviews from customers with all types of digestive health concerns, weight loss issues, and other problems. Some customers claim to have lost significant weight after taking Abdomax. Others claim to have fixed acid reflux and other serious digestive concerns.

Here are some of the reviews, testimonials, and before-and-after experiences shared by Abdomax customers:

One customer was skeptical with Abdomax because she had tried other pills, diets, and teas, but nothing seemed to work. She had been dealing with gut problems for 14 years and had given up hope. After taking Abdomax, however, her “gut is completely healed” and she no longer experiences acid reflux or heartburn – even when eating problematic foods like pizza and lasagna.

One customer lost 24lbs of “nasty, jiggly belly fat” while taking Abdomax, boosting her confidence and supporting her overall health.

That same customer didn’t take Abdomax for weight loss; instead she took Abdomax to control her gas and bloating. After taking Abdomax for just two months, her gassiness and bloating has disappeared and she has lost a significant amount of weight.

Some customers struggled with constipation before taking Abdomax. One customer “used to sit on the toilet for hours straining and pushing” with no relief, for example. Now, after taking Abdomax, his digestive movements are “running like clockwork.”

One customer claims he had tried “every” high-fiber diet, over-the-counter medication, and supplement available today, yet nothing restored his gut health like Abdomax. He even found the supplement cleared up his hemorrhoids along with his stomach issues, giving him relief for the first time in 10 years.

In addition to clearing up gas, bloating, and indigestion, some customers have cleared up other issues with Abdomax. One customer claims his “hemorrhoids are gone” thanks to Abdomax, for example.

Overall, many customers find Abdomax has helped restore their happy, healthy, productive lives again. Instead of worrying about eating specific foods or managing digestive issues, they enjoy effective, long-term relief from all sorts of digestive health problems thanks to Abdomax.

How Much Does Abdomax Cost?

Abdomax costs as little as $41 per bottle when ordered online today. plus, some bottles come with free bonus supplements, free shipping, and other perks.

The ordinary retail price of Abdomax is $199 per bottle, but you’ll pay just the following rates when ordering online today:

  • 1 Bottle (30 Day Supply): $49 + Shipping

  • 3 Bottles (90 Day Supply): $135 ($45 Per Bottle) + Shipping + 1 Free Bottle of zCleanse

  • 5 Bottles (150 Day Supply): $205 ($41 Per Bottle) + Shipping + 1 Free Bottle of zCleanse

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All Abdomax purchases come with a 60 day, 100% moneyback guarantee. Contact to request a refund within 60 days of your purchase, and you’ll receive a refund within 48 hours of shipping your bottle back to the manufacturer (even if the bottle is empty).

Who Makes Abdomax?

Abdomax is made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified, state-of-the-art facility. That facility is inspected “24 hours a day,” according to the manufacturer, to verify all supplements meet strict purity guarantees.

You can contact Abdomax’s customer service team for questions, concerns, or complaints via email:



An 8-second Nordic cleanse could support gut health by boosting pepsinogen levels.

Each serving of Abdomax contains a targeted blend of ingredients to support gut health, boost digestion, and optimize pepsinogen levels, helping you enjoy powerful digestive health results.

Backed by a 60 day refund policy, Abdomax is available online today for purchase at a discount rate as part of a 2023 promotion.

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