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What is a Bookmaker? Is it Legal or Not?

What is a bookmaker? In essence, a bookmaker is another concise term for a gambling or betting business entity. You can engage with bookmakers either offline or online, depending on whether the bookmaker operates in such a manner. Football betting, for instance, is predominantly carried out online by most bookmakers in Vietnam, garnering significant interest from enthusiasts of this form of entertainment and betting.

What is the term 'bookmaker'?

What are bookmakers? When were they formed and are they supported by the law?

"What exactly are bookmakers?" It might sound unfamiliar at first, but it's simply another term used, though it essentially refers to the "house" in gambling.

It's where enthusiasts and avid gamblers gather to participate in various enticing games such as football, horse racing, car racing, etc., under the form of betting on different football odds analysis.

To have a clearer and more detailed understanding of what bookmakers are and related information, let's delve into each specific section below to explore further, shall we?

Unlocking the question: What is a bookmaker?

Your query about the concept of bookmakers will be explained below in two aspects, but both carry the same general meaning related to the realm of gambling, specifically as follows:

What are bookmakers? They are individuals with the most stable capital within a group of people engaging in gambling. They possess certain privileges and responsibilities, including bearing the financial burden collectively (in case of losses) or collecting winnings (in case of victories).

Expanding on the significance of bookmakers: It refers to a venue organizing large-scale gambling activities, with numerous participants, its own legal regulations, and a diverse range of betting games.

You can see nowadays on all social media platforms, forums, or simply any internet-connected device, the appearance of these bookmakers even if you're not actively seeking them out.

This is one of the strategies for the development of their bookmaking businesses, always invested extravagantly in their image and knowing how to reach most demographics.

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Where does the existence of bookmakers originate from?

With a high demand for engaging in betting entertainment while maintaining anonymity, the emergence of online bookmakers is currently the best solution for this issue.

Not only serving as entertainment to satisfy one's "addiction," but bookmakers also enable players to profit from participating in games and securing winnings.

How to withdraw funds? What is the minimum deposit required? How much will players receive from their best winning prediction app download bonuses, or will they receive the entire amount? All of these matters depend on the specific regulations set forth by each individual bookmaker.

What are bookmakers in the eyes of the law in the East and the West?

Through an examination of legal regulations permitting citizens to engage in businesses not falling within prohibited scopes, it is apparent that bookmaking falls under one of those prohibited categories.

On the other hand, in the legal provisions concerning "Organizing Gambling or Gambling Ring" – Article 322, there are penalties specified for involvement or organization of gambling activities.

Based on the gathered information, it is noted in Vietnam that individuals, organizations, or any entities organizing gambling, referred to as bookmakers, are not accepted by the law and are subject to legal repercussions as per regulations.

However, taking a broader perspective beyond our country's borders, it is known that there are countries in the world where there are no penalties or prohibitions for gambling or organizing gambling activities, and they are legally allowed to operate. These countries include:


Various forms of gambling, betting, sports betting, etc., were legalized in 1977. The introduction of machine-based gambling was also recognized by Spanish law in 1981.


The gambling addiction rate among adults in Finland stands at 41%, consistently maintained weekly. Based on social research and developments in medicine, gambling activities in Finland began in 2007. The legal age for gambling participation in Finland was initially 15 years old but was raised to 18 years old in July 2011.

Additionally, the National Lottery Company Veikkaus operates, develops, and is supervised by the Ministry of Education, with full ownership vested in the Finnish government. Funds allocated for social activities such as education, culture, and arts are derived from the profits of this lottery company.


In reality, industries like gambling in Ireland are almost uncontrolled. Partly due to outdated laws enforced since 1956, which are considered obsolete and in need of modernization. The Irish government acknowledges this issue and considers making decisions to enact new legislation.

A notable example is in Tipperary, where there is a central hub for sports and other entertainment activities. Given the Las Vegas-style setup, gambling activities are inevitably prevalent.

Sports Magazine, in collaboration with, has shared the above information on the topic of what bookmakers are with everyone, not solely relying on personal opinions but also conducting research from various sources. Therefore, you can rest assured and refrain from doubting the validity of this information.


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